Career Counselling & Guidance

Why Career Guidance:

Career guidance is a process whereby a registered Industrial Psychologist will take you through various assessments in order to determine your career fit in relation to your interests, personality, values and ability. Career guidance is important because it supports individual goals by matching the individual to suitable career prospects. The assessment outcome will include a guideline on the most suitable subject choices at school and/or a career path after leaving school. If you are working, career guidance can assist you in determining the way forward in your career which will enable you to achieve your career and life goals.

Our Assessment Process

Thusanong Consulting offers the following expertise

We provide user friendly reports which you may take home.
Language is not a barrier as we have trained translators.
Convenience – a qualified Industrial Psychologist is willing to come to you.
Conducive and disabled friendly facilities.

Why choose Thusanong Consulting

Thusanong Consulting has a strong presence in the medico – legal field since its inception in 2009. Our extensive experience has made us experts in understanding the open labour market and determining appropriate career paths.
We are able to produce reports that can be defended in court, indicating the high quality of our reports.
Our expertise focuses on forecasting a suitable career path for the individual based on their talents, skills and interest.
We are easily accessible as we have a footprint in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Polokwane.
At Thusanong – people development is our passion and this is captured in the name of the company which literally translates to “A place where people come to be developed”.