What is Life Coaching?

This a process of unlocking ones potential, creating clarity on important areas of life and the person`s goal for each area. The process provides support in working toward those individual goals, resulted in accelerated achievement of such life goals.

What is the process of Coaching?

The life coaching journey works through the areas of life, i.e. Spirit, Health, Relationships from the significant relationship, family to friends, Career/Business, Money and Recreation.

There is a systematic approach which is

  1. Clarifying what you want.
  2. Assessing where you are right now?
  3. Reviewing your resources and options.
  4. Creating an action plan.
  5. Execution of the plan with monitoring.
  6. Celebrating Successes.

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Clarity of one’s personal goals.
  • Discovering the current obstacles and moving beyond them.
  • Increased performance and success in business or career,
  • More harmonious relationships and heightened interpersonal skills.
  • Success in stopping disempowering habits.
  • Achievement of the desired balance in your spiritual, emotional and physical space.